residential home with a sold sign

We are trained, certified, and tested in home inspections. We take pride in providing an honest and thorough evaluation of your current or future home. If you are selling consider a Pre-inspection to get ahead of any surprises.

Radon Testing

radon sign

Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in adults behind smoking. And if you smoke your chances quadruple. Parts of Southeast Michigan are notoriously high for radon. Only way to find out is to test. Don’t gamble with the odds. Schedule yours test today!

Pest Inspection

dead bug on the floor

Termites, carpenter ants, and all manner of insects can damage critical parts of a home’s structure if left unchecked. Be sure your property is evaluated for signs of pest damage and infestation. Included with all residential and property inspections. Can schedule for pest…

Handyman Work

repair man fixing a sink pipe

Need your gutter cleaned? Leak fixed? Would you like a sink faucet upgraded? Floor tiled? Outlet swapped to code? Appliances installed? Furniture built? Contact us for any number of common household repairs and upgrades.

Sewer Scope

underground sewer pipe

The main waste line of your home can quickly become a nightmare if any problems arise. Be sure your property is clear of roots, blockages, grease, or damage that could become a costly repair.


commercial storefront plaza

Building or buying your own business? We inspect commercial properties as well. Providing you the information you need on the property so you can stay focused on the business of business.